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The Gabriel Project

The Gabriel Project was founded by 6th grade teacher Mark Melamed in 1990 as he was looking for ways to create global awareness with his students.  What started out as a one year project has now endured 15 years with 12 children' s lives being saved and over $250,000 raised to help save them.  The project has also donated money to over 12 local children who are critically ill and sent over 800 stuffed animals to various children's hospitals around the US.

Students in Mark's class participate in a variety of fundraisers during the year and include reading, writing, math, history, geography, langauge and appreciation of other cultures while raising funds to help dying children.  The Gabriel Project works with the Children of the World Program through Deborah Hospital in NJ.  The hospital provides the surgery free of charge and covers all medical costs while The Gabriel Project handles all flying costs and all miscellaneous fees that go along with the child while they are here.  Upon discharge from the hospital, the mother and child (the project always brings along the mother) meet with various supporters of the project including the students in Mark's class and then head home to Tanzania, Africa, to resume their life. 

Tanzania, Africa is one of the 5 poorest nations in Africa and no heart surgery is available for anyone in the entire country.  Children must wait for a chance to head to India, or England for surgery or hopefully a chance to become a part of The Gabriel Project and get help in the US.

All members of the Gabriel Project are volunteers.  The Gabriel Project is also a 501 C 3 Foundation, fully recognized as a national charitable organization. For more information, please visit:

The Gabriel Project


Lower Eastside Service Center

Lower Eastside Service Center (LESC) serves New Yorkers facing critical life problems with a powerful network of human services provided at seven facilities throughout the city. Our focus is to provide vulnerable New Yorkers the “fighting chance” they may have never had by imparting fundamental social skills and services to help them become good neighbors and “give back” to their communities. Chemical dependency is America's leading public health issue and is at the core of the vast majority of lives of the people LESC Serves. LESC builds and restores stability, structure, and hopefulness for many whose lives have become unmanageable and who have given up hope. With your help, LESC's programs of hope will put even more people “back on their feet,” preserve their families and strengthen their communities. After all, that's who we are and what we do.

LESC offers “ L ife E mpowering S olutions C itywide.”