About Us

Spring of 2003 brought the start of something magical for soap opera fans. One Life To Live’s Al Holden, a character born on-screen, was addicted to drugs. Marcie Walsh, his tutor, was determined to help him get clean. We slowly watched two lost souls find each other. This sweet, charming duo, portrayed by Kathy Brier and Nathaniel Marston, quickly captured the hearts of fans. They were dubbed Marcal, and fan sites began popping up on the Internet. People were thrilled to have a soap couple they could actually relate to, and were eager to learn about the actors and share their Marcal love with other fans.

Then, in July of 2003 came the stunning news that Nathaniel Marston had been released from his contract and that Al Holden was being written off the show.

Fans deluged the actors, the magazines, and the decision makers at ABC Daytime with letters, post cards, e-mail, Marcal paper products, all with the intent to make them understand just how much this couple, this character and this actor meant to the viewers. The longevity and positive nature of the campaign made an impression on the higher-ups, and by late September the announcement was made: Nathaniel was staying.

The attention brought about by the campaign and the publicity surrounding it helped generate more interest in Nathaniel. People were searching the Internet, often coming up with outdated or conflicting information, or posting on fan sites looking for an official fan club or official website, without luck. In recognition of the outpouring of support his fans had shown for him, Nathaniel gave his approval for an official website and fan club.

We hope you enjoy nathanielmarston.net, and we are looking forward to making the fan club interesting, fun and informative. We are, after all, first and foremost Nathaniel Marston fans and that’s why we’re doing this, so that all his fans can have a place to learn about Nathaniel and connect to one another.

We would like to thank Nathaniel Marston for giving his blessing to the site and the club, as well as Nathaniel’s manager, Jennifer Wiley for her assistance. And last, but most certainly not least, we extend our most profound gratitude to Lois Giese for the website design of nathanielmarston.net .

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