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~11-22-15: Sadly, Nathaniel passed away the day after our last update. His full length obituary, including memorial service information, can be found here: Obituary. We are putting together a memory book for Nathaniel's mother from his fans. If you would like to participate, information can be found here: Memory Book (deadline is 12/15/15)

~11-10-15: We have a new press release: Press Release111015 . Included in the press release is a wonderfully generous offer made by Rick Sudi Karatas, writer and producer of Nathaniel's film "Walk a Mile in My Pradas". They are donating all proceeds from Prada DVD sales (through their PayPal link) to Nathaniel's Go Fund Me page! So even though all you Nathaniel Marston fans already own this movie, go ahead and buy one for someone's Holiday Gift, win/win! And don't forget to keep sending your well wishes to the P.O. Box below. Keep those prayers, mail and love coming!

~11-3-15: As many of you may have heard, Nathaniel was in a very serious accident last week. He is still in critical condition at a hospital in Reno, Nevada and his mother, brother and family are at his side. Please check his official fan club facebook page for updates: NMFanClub Facebook Page and/or his mother's facebook page: Elizabeth Jackson's facebook page. Here is the press release: Press Release110315

If you would like to send a get well card, warm wishes, etc. please send them to Nat care of his mother's P.O. Box:
Nathaniel Marston c/o Elizabeth Jackson
P.O. Box 175
Gerlach, NV 89412

There is also a Go Fund Me page set up to help his mother defray hospital and other related costs: Go Fund Me

Send a card, send some money, say a prayer, do any of the above! Nathaniel needs to feel the love. Nobody sends the Love like Nathaniel Marston fans!

~10-24-12: After two long years we are finally updating! Added a few new press items: Press 13 . A new fan photo can be found here: Fans 3. Nathaniel is finally on Facebook! Links to his personal facebook page as well as the official fan club facebook page can be found here: Support. On October 7, 2012 Nathaniel attended the 9th Annual Daytime Stars & Strikes charity event. Photos here: Stars & Strikes. Please remember that all photographs are copyright protected and not to be used without express written permission from the photographer. On October 12, 2012 Nathaniel dropped by Comicon to catch up with his old buddy Michael Easton. Photos here: Comicon. Afterward he enjoyed dinner and conversation with some fans, photos here: Dinner. If you have any pictures of Nathaniel that you would like to share please send them to karen@nathanielmarston.net. The fan club is currently on hiatus. However, if you would like to receive email updates, please contact Karen at karen@nathanielmarston.net and she will add you to the fan club newsletter list. As always, thanks for your support!

~10-26-10: Finally posted the photos from the NMFC party this summer. Thanks for your patience! There are three pages of photos: NMFC 1, NMFC 2, NMFC 3. Also posted a few press pieces : Press 13. Also, a throwback for anyone interested...."The Paw" is now available online at You Tube: The Paw . And a trailer for "The Paw 2" : Paw 2.

~10-14-10: I have some very exciting news. Nathaniel's film, "Walk a Mile in my Pradas"  is being screened tonight at the opening gala of the Bel-Air Film Festival! It is being shown as a "work in progress". It is quite an honor for an unfinished product to be invited. Check out the Bel-Air Film Festival's website for more info: BAFF.

~5-12-10: So much news! Nathaniel has been out in L.A. filming an independent movie. He was cast as the lead character "Tony" in the comedy Walk a Mile in My Pradas. The film also stars Tom Arnold, Dee Wallace, Mike Starr, Tom Archdeacon, and Bruce Vilanch. We have posted two pages of behind the scenes photos from the set: Prada 1, Prada 2. Please note that the pictures are property of Walk a Mile Productions and not to be used without express written permission. Keep checking back as I'm sure we'll be adding more later. Here is the IMDb page for the movie: IMDb. Here is the Offical Face Book page for the movie: Prada on Face Book. We also have a new Face Book page for Nathaniel's fans: NMFC on FB. This is not Nathaniel's personal Face Book page (he doesn't have one), but it is the official one sanctioned by him and I will be updating about him there as well as here on his website. The main difference is that on the Face Book page, you can leave comments and post pictures.

~4-18-10: Just a note that Nathaniel has made a statement regarding his legal situation: Message from Nathaniel. Also, the 6th Annual NMFC Party Flyer has been posted on the fan club membership page: Fan Club Party Details. Keep checking back for updates on what Nathaniel's up to!

~2-16-10: White Collar update! Nathaniel's episode, "Front Man", will air Tuesday, March 2, 2010 (10 PM, USA Network). When the daughter of a man from his past goes missing, Neal volunteers to help find her. Little does anyone realize the kidnapper is an old enemy of Neal's, and is leading him right into a trap. Also, check out the ABC SID full page photo of Nathaniel that was in the 2/8/10 issue: Press 13 .

~1-28-10: Everyone go out and buy the February 8th issue of ABC Soaps in Depth. They have a recent picture of Nathaniel on page 25. Not too shabby for a guy who has been off of soaps for over two years. Thanks to all of you for your unwavering support! Nathaniel taped an episode of "White Collar" (USA Network, Tuesday, 10pm EST). His episode is #111 and should be airing on 2/9/10. In other news, the 6th Annual NMFC party will be held on July 11th this year. We loved The Playwright Tavern so much last year that we're going back! As always, this is a members only event. Please check out our fan club page if you are interested in joining. Can't wait to see everyone again!

~10-11-09: Finally posted the pictures from the 5th Annual NMFC Party! There are four pages of photos, starting here: NMFC Party . Thanks once again to Steven Bergman for coming to photograph our party and allowing us to post his exclusive pictures (please note that all of Steven's photos are protected by copyright). If you were at the party and have photos to share, please email them to me and I'll be happy to add them later. Also posted a few new magazine items (including an old interview from 1998): Press 13 .

~7-19-09: Added a new picture taken just the other day of Nathaniel with a fan. Thanks Sandra P from Montreal! Click here to see the latest: Fans.

~7-19-09: Thank you to everyone who sent Nathaniel birthday wishes this year. He spent his birthday once again doing the things he loves the most: Baseball (sorry, no pics this year; it was a "Boys Only" game and they don't bring cameras) and the Beach. Check out the latest pictures here: Beach . Lots of things resolving and new things on the horizon. Make sure you keep checking back for updates. And of course our fan club members are always in the loop. Looking forward to the NMFC party next month!

~5-6-09: New welcome message from Nathaniel: Welcome . Nathaniel fans are everywhere! Check out a picture taken recently when Nathaniel ran into a fan in New York, here: More Nathaniel! Speaking of Nathaniel's fans, we're all looking forward to the 5th annual NMFC party in August. Fan club members check your mailboxes next week for the DVD of last year's party and an invite to this year's festivities. I want to extend a special invitation to our newest club members. Check out the DVD and join in the fun this year. Can't wait to see everyone again!

~2-10-09: Nathaniel made ABC's Soaps in Depth "Soap's 100 Hottest Hunks" list, coming in at both 39 & 40 as Al Holden and Michael McBain. Check it out at Press 12. Posted two recent pictures of Nathaniel. One of him showing off the food processor (and the garlic he chopped with it) he received from his fans this past holiday season. Nathaniel and his wife recently caught a show at the renowened Blue Note jazz club. You can see them both in the Photo Galleries, here: More Nathaniel!

~12-20-08: New welcome message from Nathaniel: Welcome. He loved his holiday gift from the fan club! Nathaniel's L&O episode re-airs on Saturday, December 27th on NBC. Happy Holidays!

~11-26-08: Posted a short Q&A with Nathaniel about working on the Law & Order: Special Victims Unit set. Thanks to the folks at svufans.net for asking the questions! A link to the mini interview can be found here: L&O:SVU Q&A .

~11-24-08: One more day until Nathaniel's "Triumphant Return to Television" (SID)! Thanks to Lynn and Norman for pointing out that the show airs in Canada two hours earlier at 8 PM on Canadian Television (CTV). Whenever you watch it, please remember to check our support page afterward for NBC feedback information: Support. If you have the time, drop Nathaniel a line or two as well. He'd love to hear what you thought of the show!

~11-12-08: Here's a sneak peek of Nathaniel on Law & Order: Special Victims Unit. Many thanks to Tatiana and Ashley of the svufans.net board for sending us these behind the scenes photos. Photos belong to Abaca USA. Persona photo 1, Persona photo 2.

~11-7-08: Set your VCR's & DVR's! Nathaniel will be portraying "Brent Latimer" on NBC's Law & Order: SVU on Tuesday, November 25, 2008, 10 PM, EST (please note the date change). For more information on the episode click here : L&O Persona and scroll about halfway down the page. It looks like the episode will repeat on Saturday, November 29th, for anyone who misses it the first time. Check the support page for NBC feedback information: Support.

~10-15-08: Good news! Nathaniel has booked an episode of NBC's Law & Order: SVU . He will be taping it soon and when we get an air date, we'll let everyone know. Stay tuned!

~9-29-08: Added two pages to the Photo Galleries. One depicting NMFC member Lynn Purto's "Pay it Forward/Random Acts of Kindness" efforts on behalf of Nathaniel's Birthday: Lynn . Also a page dedicated to Nathaniel's youngest fan club member, Savannah, age six: Savannah .

~9-10-08: As promised, added a page to the Photo Galleries honoring Nathaniel's grandmother, Mary Jackson: Grandma .

~ 9-8-08: Another "Blast from the Past" photograph (and happy memory) taken in 1982: Nat & Kai . Stay tuned, there will be more old family photos posted soon!

~9-7-08: 140 plus pictures later........I have finally added five pages to the photo galleries! Thanks once again to Steven Bergman for coming to photograph our party and allowing us to post his exclusive pictures (please note that all of Steven's photos are protected by copyright). Thanks also to Dayse the Samba dancer who entertained us! And of course thank you to everyone who came and shared the love, you all made Nathaniel feel like a million bucks (in his own words)......priceless. 4th Annual NMFC Party Pictures: NMFC Party 1, NMFC Party 2, NMFC Part 3, NMFC Party 4, NMFC Party 5 .

~8-16-08: (new welcome message) I hope everyone has been enjoying their summer. It has certainly flown by. Just a quick update on what has been going on with me. I have been working mostly non acting jobs for the last few months, but I'm continuing to go to auditions and keep my name and face out there.
I want to thank all the wonderful people who attended my private fan club party on July 26 at Brazil! Brazil! restaurant. I had a great time eating and chatting (and dancing!) with all of you. I know that for every person who came there were several others who couldn't make it, but sent their best wishes instead. I think every one of you is amazing and I am honored and priviledged to have your genuine, heartfelt support.

~8-16-08: Posted a new Welcome Message from Nathaniel on the front page: Nathaniel Welcome. Thanks to all of you who have sent me pictures from our annual NMFC party. I have been crazy busy, but promise to get them all posted soon. Mea Culpa. Also posted a few additions to the Press Gallery : Press 12 Note the "Blast from the Past" (Nathaniel at age 2).

~8-4-08: We had a blast at the 4th Annual NMFC party on the 26th. I think it was our best party yet! It was great to see all the old familiar faces and to meet some new ones as well (and we miss some of our die-hards who just couldn't make it this year, sniff). The support that Nathaniel continues to get from his fans really means the world to him. For those of you in the New York area you will have another chance to see Nathaniel this Friday, August 8th. He will be bar tending at Whistlin' Dixie's Texas Tavern from 6pm to close. I believe there will be a two for one drink special from 6-7pm. So if you're in the area, stop by and let Nathaniel serve you your favorite beverage (or two).

Whistlin' Dixie's Texas Tavern
714 W. 11th Ave., at 51st St.
(212) 344-4370
Their Website: DixiesTexasTavern.com

~7-12-08: Nathaniel celebrated his 33rd birthday doing some of his favorite things: watching baseball, relaxing on the beach, and hanging out with friends and family. Pictures can be found here: Nat's 33rd.

~5-4-08: My apologies for the long delay in updating the website. Many many thanks to all the wonderful fans who continue to support Nathaniel. I pass on all your emails and letters and it truly does lift his spirits. I added two pages to the Photo Galleries of pictures from the brunch that Nathaniel and Rita hosted for his fans during The Gabriel Project weekend. Thanks to everyone who came on such short notice, and thanks for sharing your pictures too! Thank you also to Gabby Winkel of Soap Opera Weekly for covering the event, and Steven Bergman for photographing it and allowing us to post his exclusive pictures (please note that all of Steven's photos are protected by copyright). And of course a huge thank you to Sean Ringgold for once again being our very special guest! You can find the brunch pictures here: Brunch 1 , Brunch 2. I also updated the Press Gallery: Press 12. We look forward to seeing everyone at the 4th Annual NMFC Party in July! If you are a fan club member and have not yet received your invitation, please contact me at karen@nathanielmarston.net .

~2-14-08: A message from Nathaniel: As many of you know I will be attending the "Daytime Comes to Nighttime" charity event benefiting The Gabriel Project on March 8th. I know many people are wondering about my court hearing, and I wanted to address that here and now so that there will be nothing to distract from the fun of the evening and the wonderful charity it is about. I had my first court appearance on January 23rd and the case was continued until mid-March. These are pre-trial hearings. I have to say I was impressed with the efficiency of the judicial process, as we were in and out of court on the 23rd very quickly. I will try to keep you all updated on the situation as much as I am able. Thank you for your continued support.

~1-1-08: Added pictures to the Co-Stars photo gallery and the Emmy Weekend page, courtesy of Gina Z. Also added a few pictures to the Fan photo gallery, 2007 OLTL Luncheon gallery, and the 2007 NMFC Party photo gallery. Many thanks to all the fans who sent me pictures from the Stars & Strikes charity bowling event in October. Their pictures can be found here: Stars & Strikes. And last, but certainly not least, a very recent picture of Nathaniel showing off the Christmas present he received from fan Sheila Pixley: Happy New Year!

~ 12-21-07: Nathaniel will be attending The Gabriel Project's "Daytime at Nitetime IV " event on March 8, 2008. Check their website: The Gabriel Project for details and to purchase tickets.

~11-9-07: Nathaniel has asked me to post a new welcome message addressing his current situation. Please check the home page: New Welcome Message.

Now that ABC has officially commented, I can confirm that I have been let go from One Life To Live. I don't think of this as an ending, but rather the beginning of a new chapter in my life. Your support and encouragement have meant the world to me and have buoyed my spirits in a trying time. I know that my absence from the show will be a disappointment to many of you. All I can say is let the decision-makers at ABC know how you feel. I would also like to thank those of my co-workers at One Life To Live who took the time to get in touch with me to offer your friendship and prayers. You know who you are and let me just say that you are amazing people and I will never forget your compassion.

As you know, I did not start my career in soap operas, but in commercials, film and primetime television. I will continue to pursue these avenues, as well as any other opportunities that come my way. The best part of being on One Life To Live was that it gave me the chance to meet so many wonderful fans. Your energy and enthusiasm are truly awesome, and I hope you'll come along for the ride as I embark on the next phase of my career.

Wishing you peace,

~10-23-07: I would like to thank all the amazing people who have sent their support and well wishes to Nathaniel. I have spoken to him and passed on your kind thoughts, and please know that he was very, very appreciative of all the good will and support sent his way. I hope you all understand that I have to respect his privacy and can't comment on the situation at this time. I'll keep you updated as much as I can as soon as I can, but until then I will continue to pass along your good wishes. -Karen Neuman, fan club president

~9-25-07: FINALLY posted the pictures from Fan Club Weekend, as well as several other miscellaneous pictures. Thanks so much for your patience. Added two pictures to the Emmy Weekend Page: Emmy Weekend. Posted three new pictures to the "Just Nathaniel" Photo Galleries: More Nathaniel! Added many new faces to the Co-Stars Gallery: Co-Stars. Added three new pictures from the June Softball Game thanks to Steven Bergman: Softball 3 . Posted two pages of pictures from the One Life to Live Fan Club Luncheon: OLTL Luncheon 1 & OLTL Luncheon 2. Posted three pages of pictures from our 3rd Annual NMFC Party: NMFC Party 1, NMFC Party 2 & NMFC Party 3. And finally, I posted other various pictures taken during Fan Club Weekend: FCW. Also updated the Photo Gallery Index for future reference: Index. Anyone with pictures to share from Fan Club Weekend, or any other event, please email them to me and I will post them. Also please let me know if I've messed up on any of the photo credits.

~9-17-07: Many of our fan club members really enjoyed Nathaniel's story in our Fall newsletter of the ways he tried to save his beloved dog Bruno from being neutered after he was stolen and then dropped of at the animal shelter. Quite a few of you have asked how Bruno is doing, and unfortunately we have some sad news to report. After going completely blind and suffering declining health for some time, Bruno had to be put down earlier this summer. He was surrounded by the people who loved him the most. :(

~9-17-07: Updated the Welcome Message from Nathaniel on the front page. Also added a lot of new press to the Press Gallery: Press 11 & Press 12. I apologize for not posting the pictures from Fan Club Weekend yet. I'm working on it, so please check back soon.

~7-30-07: Updated the Press gallery: Press11. Added a terrific picture of Nathaniel and his co-star Kassie Depaiva: Co-Stars. Thanks to Jessica for finally snagging that one for me! Also added a few pictures to the "Just Nathaniel" Photo Galleries: More Nathaniel! No more updates until after fan club weekend. Looking forward to seeing many of you there!

~7-12-07: Added two pictures to Jean Suppa's page of Softball photos: Softball 1. Added two more pages of Softball and Prohibition photos: Softball 2 and Softball 3. Many thanks to Jenny-May, Kelly, Margaret, Kizzy, and Terri for sharing their wonderful pictures with us!

~7-2-07: Major updates tonight. Added a new page to the press gallery: Press 11 . Added three pages of photographs to the Events Photo Galleries: Pre-Emmy Party, Emmy Weekend, and Softball/Prohibition . And because they are so hot they deserve their very own page, a fabulous pair of photos of Nathaniel with Catherine Hickland taken by Jean Suppa. Nat & Cat . Thanks Jean for getting such great shots!

~6-6-07: Added a wonderful four page interview with Nathaniel from Soap Opera Digest in the Press gallery: Press 10. Added a new picture to the "Just Nathaniel" Galleries: NM2. Added two pictures of Nathaniel with co-star Beth Ann Bonner: Co-Stars . Thanks to Steven Bergman for the pictures! Stay tuned for more outside the studio pictures taken by fan Jessica, who has sent me so many I am building her her own page.

~5/8/07: Join stars of the daytime and music worlds and help support a good cause at the same time. POZ Magazine will be hosting the Love Out Loud event at Prohibition nightclub in NYC on May 16th. A $25 donation gets you in the door, with proceeds benifitting AIDS Walk New York. This is a cause that Nathaniel supports strongly, and if his schedule permits, he will join some of his fellow actors from One Life to Live and All My Children at the event. For more information, please visit the POZ website: POZ Event.

~5/5/07: We're Having a (fan club) Party! The date is still the same, but the time has changed slightly. We will be enjoying Nathaniel's company over a delicious Cuban meal at Agozar! restaurant in the East Village, from 8-11 pm on Saturday, August 4, 2007. We have a private diningroom reserved just for our members only fan club party. To join Nathaniel's fan club, simply click the link at the top of the page. For more party information, please click here: 2007 Party Page .

~4/30/07: Added pictures of Nathaniel taken outside the studio to the "Just Nathaniel" photo galleries: NM1 & NM2 . Also added some new pictures of Nathaniel with his co-stars: Co-Stars
Added a few (NEW!) pictures of Nathaniel with his fans: Edited Fans. Thanks to Jessica, Jean, Stephanie and Steven for all the pictures! Check the Press Gallery for updates as well: Press 10.

~4/25/07: Added a new picture of Nathaniel taken outside the studio. Much thanks to RogerRocks for sending it our way! You can find the picture on the first page of the "Just Nathaniel" Photo Gallery.

~4/17/07: Nathaniel is participating in the following fund raiser: The 1st Annual "Lily" Auction to benefit Cure Autism Now is up and running!  Join 19 of ABC's "All My Children" and "One Life to Live" stars as they come together to raise funds for Cure Autism Now.  The puzzle piece is an autism awareness symbol, since autism is often described as a"puzzling" disorder and a symbol of CAN.  Leven Rambin, who portrays Lily, a character with autism on the long-running daytime drama "All My Children" is the driving force behind this fundraiser. 100% of the profits raised will be donated to Cure Autism Now. To bid on one of the puzzles, click: Autism Puzzle .

~4/2/07: Added two new pieces to the Press Gallery: Press 10 . Added two new pictures to the Photo Galleries, thanks to Nathaniel's co-star Sean Ringgold: Friends & Family.

~3/30/07: Made some additions to the Photo Galleries. Added to the Gabriel Project pictures (thanks Jean): TGP1 & TGP2. Also added a new page of old pictures from Super Soap Weekends 2002 & 2003 in California (thanks Nikki): SSW

~3/28/07: Nathaniel will once again be participating in the 9th Annual Tammy Rubin Rice Celebrity Softball Game on Saturday, June 30th. For more information: Softball Game. Added a few new press pieces to the Press gallery: Press 10 .

~3/18/07: Added a few pieces to the Press Galleries: Press 10 . Also, Nathaniel answers the fans' questions here : Q&A 4

~3/9/07: Forgot to announce that Nathaniel will be attending the One Life to Live fan club luncheon on August 4, 2007. For more information, please visit the OLTL Official website: OLTL .

~March, 2007 Welcome Message:

Soap fans are some of the most loyal and generous people on earth, and it was really wonderful to meet so many of you at The Gabriel Project Gala. Your support for this worthy charity will help provide the gifts of health and hope to sick children in Africa who desperately need it.

As so many of you know, getting a sick child to this country for surgery is something that has consumed a good portion of my time and attention for months now. The outpouring of prayers, encouragement and good wishes for my family, and my stepdaughter Julie in particular, has meant more to me than I can properly express. I wanted to let you know that the paperwork is moving forward, and Rita and I look forward to having Julie here with us shortly.

Thank you so much for being such a wonderful group of people.

~3/7/07: New welcome message from Nathaniel on the front page. Added a new page to the Press gallery: Press 10 . Added a new picture to the "Just Nathaniel" Gallery. Pictures from this year's Gabriel Project Gala can be found here: Gabriel Project 1 and Gabriel Project 2. MUCH thanks to Heather and Tracey for help with the red eye. Anyone who was at the event with pictures to share, please email them to me at karen@nathanielmarston.net . Circle the date on your calendar, it's time for the third annual NMFC fan event! Details are still being finalized, but it will be held on Saturday, August 4, 2007, from 6-9 pm in New York City. Keep checking here: NMFC Event for updated details. This exclusive party is open to fan club members only. Check the Fan Club Page for information on how to join in the fun!

~1/28/07: Added a few pieces to the Press Gallery, including some old As The World Turns press (thanks Nikki!): Press 9.

~12/20/06: Posted pictures of Nathaniel and two of his co-stars at the Annual OLTL Holiday Party, courtesy of Steven Bergman. Keep checking back for a few additions to that page at a later date. Fan Club members check your mail boxes for a Holiday greeting from Nathaniel as well as a larger white envelope filled with extra goodies!

~November, 2006: My role as Michael Mc Bain was recently temporarily recast for four episodes, and I've learned that it has caused some concern among my fans. I apologize to everyone who was unnecessarily worried by this news, and wanted to let you know that I am back at work and everything is just fine.  I would also like to thank all the wonderful people who have sent their good thoughts and prayers to me and my family. The positive energy and support I get from all of you means the world to me.  As the holidays are upon us, I would like to send my heartfelt wishes for a joyous season and a peaceful 2007 to everyone. Family Q&A and Family Pictures .

~11/19/06: Posted pictures from ABC Casino Night, courtesy of Steven Bergman. Added to the BC/EFA page and the Press 9 page. Also added to the Fans 3 page, the Co-Stars page and the "Just Nathaniel" gallery pages.

~10/21/06: Nathaniel will be attending The Gabriel Project's "Daytime at Nitetime 3" event on March 3, 2007. Check their website: The Gabriel Project for details and to purchase tickets.

~10/21/06: Finally added the pictures from this year's One Life to Live Luncheon: 2006 Luncheon . Sorry it took me so long! Also added pictures from the Broadway Cares/Equity Fights AIDS 20th Annual Flea Market & Grand Auction: BC/EFA .

~10/21/06: Nathaniel received numerous well deserved accolades on various message boards and in all the magazines for his outstanding performance as Michael Mc Bain in the scenes surrounding his brother's death. Check Press 9 for all the recent press coverage. Who knew? We did!

~9/20/06: Added two pages to the Photo Galleries: Relay for Life benefit dinner photos and Nathaniel & Rita's family photos.

~9/20/06: Nathaniel predicts the World Series! Check out the latest Q&A addition for details. Also, added pictures from the 2nd Annual NMFC party to the Photo Galleries: NMFC Party. More pictures coming soon.

~9/7/06: Added some new pictures to the Photo Galleries: Co-Stars and Nattyville . Keep checking back for more pictures and don't forget to refresh the page. If you miss "The Voice of the Night" , give the One Life, Many Voices Hotline a call at (212) 604-4000 to hear Nathaniel's recording. And while you're at it, buy a CD to support Hurricane Relief.

~8/29/06: Nathaniel's statement on co-worker Dan Gauthier's release:  I am stunned by the news that the decision makers at ABC have decided to release Dan Gauthier from One Life To Live.I have enormous respect for Dan, not only as a brilliant actor, but as a good and decent human being. Nobody knows better than I do just how powerful the voices of the fans can be and I want to encourage all who feel strongly that Dan should stay to speak out. Let "the powers that be" know you support Dan Gauthier, and while you're at it, let Dan know as well. campaignforkevin.com

~8/24/06: Nathaniel will be attending the American Cancer Society's Relay for Life Fundraising Dinner in Staten Island on Saturday, September 9, 2006. Tickets are only $50 for a buffet dinner including soft drinks and dessert. For more details and to purchase tickets, please visit their web page: Relay for Life .

~8/23/06: Check out the latest Q&A with Nathaniel, here: New Q&A . It was great to reconnect with old friends and meet new ones at this year's fan club luncheon this past weekend. Please keep checking back for updates as I post the pictures. And please send me any of your own luncheon pictures that you would like to share.

~7/9/06: Nathaniel is missing from the new opening. Let's bring him back! Check out the Support Page for new postcards and a list of addresses and phone numbers to show your support. Thanks to fan club member Nancy G. for creating the "Put it Back!" postcard. Also added a picture to the Fans pages: Fans3 and another page to the Press Gallery: Page 9 . Happy Birthday, Nathaniel!

~6/19/06: Guess I need to start dating these entries. Many fan club members have emailed me asking if the Second Annual NMFC Event in August is sold out. The answer is "No, it is not". The entry down below that has people confused is from last year's event. The fan club party is open to fan club members only. Please check the fan club page for information on how to join. I will date these updates from now on, sorry for the confusion.

~Added more press to Page 8. Also added a page of Emmy Night photos: Emmy 2006

~Added to the Press Gallery: Page 8. Also added two pictures of Nathaniel to the Just Nathaniel Photo Gallery.

~Added a page of pictures from the MTV Radio Tour to the 2006 Events Gallery: Page 4 Major thanks to Jannette for taking them for us!

~Nathaniel and his co-stars, Kathy Brier and Matt Metzger, will be on MTV Radio Thursday morning, April 20, 2006 to promote the One Life, Many Voices CD. Please click here to go to the OLMV Media Page for more information. Even if you don't live in any of the broadcast areas, many stations offer on-line streaming. There will also be interview clips up at the OLMV site afterwards, so keep checking back!

~Nathaniel is a married man! Check here: To Have & To Hold for his own personal wedding announcement and family pictures.

~Nathaniel and his OLTL cast mates autographed a cute NYC Teddy Bear to be auctioned off on eBay to benefit the Matthew Shepard Foundation, which seeks to "Replace Hate with Understanding, Compassion, and Acceptance". For more details, pictures and to place a bid, please click here: Charity Auction . *Update: the auction has ended and $410 was raised. Thanks to all who bid.

~Major updates to the site this weekend! Added some pictures to the co-stars section of the Photo Gallery: Co-stars . Added the recent press to the Press Gallery: Page 8 . Ritchie sent us two more promo stills from The Paw 2 . Keep checking Utopian Productions for updates on the film's progress. Added two new pictures to the "Just Nathaniel" section of the Photo Gallery: New Nathaniel! . Added two new pages to the 2006 Events Photo Gallery: The Gabriel Project and Barnes & Noble . Finally, Nathaniel will be participating in the 8th Annual Tammy Rubin Rice Celebrity Softball Game on Sunday, June 4, 2006. Check out this page for more information: Softball Game .

~Unfortunately, due to spam abuse, we've had to temporarily disable our guestbook.

~Added Page 8 to the Press Gallery, with two new pieces. Also added to the "Just Nathaniel" Photo Gallery with some pictures taken at the photo shoot for Soaps in Depth last Fall: Greg Weiner Photographs.

~Added some recent press to the Press Gallery: Page 7 . Reorganized the Photo Galleries and added pictures from the recent Broadway Cares/Equity Fights Aids benefit concert (at which Nathaniel made a surprise appearance with co-star Robin Strasser). Concert pictures are here: BC/EFA Concert . Also added pictures from the OLTL Holiday party: Party. Be sure to refresh each page for new lay-out and links. All the events have been grouped according to year for easier navigation: Gallery Index .

~Nathaniel recites "Ode to the Backpack Hug" on the Hurricane Relief CD, One Life, Many Voices. This is a fabulous CD created by the most generous cast in Daytime. Go listen to the clips and order your copy today! One Life, Many Voices .

~Added pictures of Nathaniel at the "Posada Project" charity softball game to the Events section of the Photo Gallery: Page 13 .

~Nathaniel will be attending The Gabriel Project's "Daytime at Nitetime 2" event on March 4, 2006. Check their website: The Gabriel Project for details and to purchase tickets. Added some new and some old (ATWT) press pieces to the Press Gallery: Page 7 .

~Planned Outage: the server for nathanielmarston.net will be doing some trouble shooting and repair work on Friday, October 21st, starting at 3:45pm. Access to the website will be down or slow while they are working on the problem. Every effort will be made to keep the outage to a minimum.

~Added two pieces to the Press Gallery: Page 7

~Nathaniel recently wrapped up the second Clint Powers short film, tentatively titled "Married to the Mob". It now moves into post production. I will be posting pictures of the shoot as Ritchie sends them to me. So far there is one lone picture up in the Roles section of the Photo Gallery: Paw 2 . Keep checking the Utopian Productions website for updates on the film's progress. Also check the Paw Premiere Party Page for an added message from Kassie DePaiva thanking the fans for raising funds for the League of Hard of Hearing.

~Added a picture of Nathaniel with John-Paul taken outside the studio yesterday (10-7-05): Co-Stars

~Year Two of the Official Nathaniel Marston Fan Club has arrived! All the new goodies are ready to be mailed out. Check out Membership for more information and to print out a form.

~Added the pictures from the 2005 OLTL Fan Club Luncheon. I condensed some of the earlier softball pictures from last year, and put this year's luncheon pictures on Page 2 of the "Special Events" section of the Photo Gallery.

~Added three new pages to the "Special Events" section of the Photo Gallery. Pictures from Nathaniel's first annual fan club event can be viewed starting here: Page 10 . Pictures from "The Paw" premiere party can be found here: Page 12 . Keep checking back for additions as I get more photos.

~Nathaniel will be attending the 11th Annual "Daytime Television Salutes St. Jude Children's Research Hospital" event Friday, October 14th, from 7:00 pm until 11:30 pm at the New York Marriott Marquis. Please go to StJude.org for more information.

~Changed the Home Page Picture. Added a picture to the "Just Nathaniel" Gallery: Still Just Nathaniel . Pictures from the fan club party and "The Paw" premiere will be posted soon, I promise! Also, Year Two of the NMFC is almost here. Keep an eye out for an announcement at the end of September.

~Added Press 7 to the Press Gallery. Enjoy!

~Added pictures from "The Stone Carver" play reading at Playhouse on the Green: Raff. Also added two more fan pictures to the gallery pages: Fans 4

~I sent a very important email out tonight (7/13/05) to all NMFC members. Please contact me at karen@nathanielmarston.net if for some reason you did not receive it.

~Nathaniel is doing another staged play reading at Playhouse on the Green in Bridgeport, CT on July 15th & 16th at 8 pm. The play is "A Stone Carver", by William Mastrosimone. For information and directions, visit www.PlayhouseOnTheGreen.org. Tickets may be purchased on-line or by calling the Bridgeport Bluefish box office at (203) 345-4800, ext. 150.

~One of Nathaniel's fans, Kim Maxwell, has created a terrific postcard in support of Nathaniel: Why Aren't You Using Him? . Please send them in to Brian Frons, Frank Valentini, and Dena Higley. Their addresses can be found on the Support page .

~The NYC Premier of Ritchie Steven Filippi's short film The Paw, co-produced by and starring Nathaniel as Detective Clint Powers will take place on Saturday, August 20, 2005 at LQ NY. Many of Nathaniel's co-stars from One Life to Live will be in attendance. Please note that the time does slightly overlap with Nathaniel's own personal fan club event. As a result, the NMFC event will run from 5-7 pm, instead of 5:30-7:30 pm. Don't worry, we will have plenty of time to get to all the festivities on Saturday! Please keep checking www.CLINTPOWERS.com for updates.

~Added another page to the Just Nathaniel gallery called Dude Where's my Car?

~Added a picture to the Just Nathaniel gallery. Put up new pictures of Nathaniel with co-stars Bree Williamson, Melissa Gallo, and David Fumero on the Co-Stars gallery page. Added two pieces to the Press gallery. Added a third page to the Roles section of "behind the scenes" pictures taken at the filming of The Paw. Pictures from the play reading A Delicate Arrangement can be found in the Special Events section of the picture gallery. Also added one picture to the Fans page.

~Nathaniel will be doing a play reading this weekend (June 3 & 4) with Robin Strasser! The reading will be followed by a post-show discussion where audience members will have the chance to ask Nathaniel and Robin questions about their performances. Check the Guestbook (entry #136) for more details and how to order tickets.

~Nathaniel will be one of the celebrity bartenders at the June 11th Prohibition event to benefit The Gabriel Project. For more information please click this link: Prohibition .

~Nathaniel is turning 30 on July 9, 2005! If you would like to commemorate this day in true Nathaniel-Style, please visit this page: Birthday Gift .

~Added some older magazine pieces to the Press Gallery. They can be found here: Press 6 .

~In January, 2005 Nathaniel co-produced and starred in a short film, The Paw. Directed by Ritchie Filippi, The Paw will be released at the Hofstra Film Festival on May 13, 2005. I've added a page to the Roles section of the website to showcase The Paw. Please note that some pictures are exclusive to nathanielmarston.net, and all are the sole property of Ritchie Filippi and not to be used without his express written permission. For more information about The Paw and other films, please visit the Utopian Productions website.

~NMFC member Kim Maxwell stopped by the OLTL studio today and talked with Nathaniel a bit. She wrote up a lovely recap at her website, complete with pictures and even a couple of video clips. Check it out: Kim's Visit to the Studio . Please note that all pictures on her site are not to be taken or used without her express written permission.

~The 2005 Nathaniel Marston Fan Club event in August has SOLD OUT in one week! Unless you have already emailed me about reserving a ticket, please do not send in a money order.

~Nathaniel will be participating in the 7th Annual Tammy Rubin Rice Celebrity Softball Game on Saturday, June 11, 2005. Go to Softball Game for more information. Also added a picture of Nathaniel and Robin Strasser to the Co-Stars Page . Added a Page 4 to the "Just Nathaniel" photo gallery of pictures taken inside the OLTL studio with Nathaniel.

~We are very pleased to announce our first Official Nathaniel Marston Fan Club event to coincide with the One Life to Live fan club luncheon weekend in New York City in August. Hang out with Nathaniel and other fan club members in a relaxed atmosphere. Click on this link: Fan Club Party for more information. This is an event for fan club members only. If you have not yet joined Nathaniel's fan club, feel free to send in your application and dues along with your ticket order for the event. It's never too late to join in the fun!

~Page Six of the Press Gallery is back up with a few new additions. You can find pictures from The Gabriel Project's "Daytime Comes to Nitetime" charity fundraiser on Page 10 of the "Events" Photo Gallery. Also added a few pictures to the Co-Stars Photo Gallery. Enjoy!

~Oops! Just found out that I wasn't supposed to scan and post the current SOW interview with Nathaniel and Kathy until it is off the newstands. I've temporarily taken down Page Six of the Press Gallery. I will put it back up when allowed to. In the mean time, go out and buy the February 22, 2005 issue of Soap Opera Weekly to show your support!

~We are pleased to announce that the very first fan club newsletter is on its way to fan club members! It was sent out on February 10th, so keep an eye on your mailbox. There's a welcome message from Nathaniel, more of our interview with him, personal family photos and more. Remember, this is only available to fan club members. If you haven't joined yet, you can click on the Fan Club link for more information. Happy Valentine's Day!

~Finally filled up Page 5 of the Press gallery, so I added a 6th page! So far there is only one article up, but it is a wonderfully informative and funny joint interview with Nathaniel and his co-star, Kathy Brier, and well worth the read. I know Kate Walsh worked for over a year to schedule this joint interview. Go to Press 6 to read the fruits of her labors.

~Added another fan picture to the Fan Gallery Pages: Fans . Added pictures from the 10th Annual Daytime Salutes St. Jude's Children's Research Hospital Benefit held on October 8, 2004. Nathaniel attended with his mother, and his co-star Kathy Brier: St. Jude's

~Added two new pictures to the Family & Friends Gallery: Friends . Added a third page to the "Just Nathaniel" Gallery of photos that Nathaniel took when he was younger: Nathaniel's Pictures

~Added some new press to the Press Gallery: Press 5 , and one new picture to the Fans Gallery Pages: Fans

~ Please note that the NMFC tables for the 2005 OLTL luncheon are FULL, and tickets were mailed out on 1-24-05. Tickets are still available for the Gabriel Project's "Daytime Comes to Nitetime" Charity Event on March 5th. Nathaniel will be attending. For more information, please visit The Gabriel Project Website

~Added a fifth page to the Press Gallery: Press 5 . Also added an index page to (hopefully) make it easier to navigate the photo galleries: Index Page

~The 2005 One Life to Live fan club luncheon will be held on Saturday, August 20th at the Marriott Marquis Hotel in Manhattan, New York . Tickets are $115 per person (money order only, made out to Carol Dickson). The Nathaniel Marston Fan Club has reserved two tables for fan club members. Money orders must be received by January 10th to reserve your spot. Please mail your money orders to the address listed on the fan club page: Fan Club Address .

~Added a few new (and not so new) press pieces to the Press Gallery: Press Also added a few new fan pictures to the Fans Gallery Pages: Fans

~Nathaniel signed a new contract with ABC/OLTL in October, 2004.

~Added a second page to the Just Nathaniel section of the photo gallery: Still Just Nathaniel

~Added a few pieces to the third page of the Press Gallery. Also added a fourth page to the Press Gallery: Press 4

~Nathaniel's fan club has (finally) been officially launched! We've really put our hearts into this, and we hope you will find it to be a unique and enjoyable fan club experience. If you pre-registered and did not receive email notification, please make sure you send me a current working email address as we had several of our messages "bounce". For more information on how to join: Nathaniel's Fan Club

~Added Stacey Wilson's OLTL Studio Visit with Nathaniel to the fan section of the Photo Gallery: My Day at the Studio

~ Nathaniel will be attending the Gabriel Project's "Daytime Comes to Nitetime" Charity Event in Mineola, NY on March 5, 2005. For more information and to purchase tickets to this star-studded evening, please visit The Gabriel Project Website

~ Added a preview Q&A with Nathaniel to the "Nathaniel" page. This is mostly an update on his injuries and recovery. A more in-depth interview will be included in the first fan club newsletter: Nathaniel_Q&A

~ Added The Gabriel Project information and link to Nathaniel's Charities page: Nathaniel's Charities

~Added a funny and informative 1999 Soap Opera Weekly interview with Nathaniel to the Press Gallery: Press-Yadda, yadda

~Added pictures from the 2004 One Life to Live Fan Club Luncheon, held August 21, 2004. A good time was had by all! There are two pages of pictures, starting here: 2004 OLTL Fan Club Luncheon

~Added pictures from the Broadway Cares/Equity Fights Aids 18th Annual Flea Market & Grand Auction, held Sunday, September 19, 2004. Nathaniel and some of his OLTL co-stars manned the celebrity table: BC/EFA

~Added pictures from the Men of Llanview Event for the John Asaro Cancer Fund, held on August 20, 2004. The guys raised $8,000 to help John's family with his medical expenses: Men of Llanview

~Added Nathaniel's personal pictures from when he attended the Emmy Awards Ceremony in 2003 with his grandmother as his date: Emmys

~Added a second page to the fans section of the Photo Gallery: Fans-2


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